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10 most common bathroom mistakes and how to avoid them

Here's how to sidestep these bathroom pitfalls.

designed bathroom with stylish blue cabinet, blue wall tiles and big round mirror

Lack of storage space, poor planning and overspending are some of the most common bathroom mistakes, new research has found.

'Mistakes can happen, especially when it comes to such a big home renovation project like a new bathroom,' says Jordan Chance, bathroom expert at PlumbNation. 'Preparation is a huge factor when it comes to the planning stages of any project.'

Remodelling a bathroom is no easy feat, but there are lots of ways you can sidestep these bathroom pitfalls to save time, money and disappointment. Want to know what mistakes to avoid? Take a look at below...


Not budgeting correctly

It can be easy to overspend when redesigning, but this is one of the major pitfalls when it comes to bathroom mistakes. If you're not careful, costs can quickly spiral out of control. To ensure you don't run dry, the experts recommend adding an extra 20 per cent to your budget as a contingency, just in case.

'Setting aside your budget and keeping track of this is really important, as is having a contingency incase of any mistakes that may happen along the way,' say PlumbNation. 'It's important to make sure you spend your money wisely and don't cut corners with cheaper materials as these can often be less cost-effective in the long run.'

Forgetting to research

No matter the size, remodelling a bathroom can be a big and expensive project. It's vital to invest time in researching designs, layouts and sizes before you go to look at bathrooms. Choosing paint colours and vibrant tiles is always exciting, but it pays to be prepared when it comes to those minor details.

computer tablet with master bathroom design over house plans, pencil and compass ANDY DEAN PHOTOGRAPHYGETTY IMAGES 3. Placing water drainage in the wrong place 'This is a rookie mistake, especially when it comes to DIY bathroom mistakes. It usually happens when the water drainage pipe does not align with the plumbing drain, which can lead to bad odours,' explain PlumbNation. 'To avoid this, make sure you measure the bath and shower correctly before purchase and installation.'

It might sound simple, but there's nothing worse than a leak in your brand new bathroom.

Lack of storage space

Stay clutter-free in your bathroom with storage boxes, baskets and shelves. Creative small-space hacks will boost bathroom storage, helping you to keep toiletries, makeup, cleaning bottles and linens organised. When planning a redesign, make sure you have factored in adequate storage areas fit for purpose.

bathroom with storage and white tiles Shop the full Habitat look at Argos JON DAY PHOTOGRAPHY/HABITAT ADVERTISEMENT - CONTINUE READING BELOW

Insufficient ventilation

An extractor fan is a brilliant way to avoid poor ventilation, and is often forgotten when it comes to a bathroom redesign. As well as de-steaming the room, it will help to prevent mould, mildew and the deterioration of your furnishes due to humidity. Don't forget to factor this in to ensure your space stays fresh.

Forgetting to think about privacy

Bathroom windows have to work hard, allowing in natural light while also protecting the privacy of anyone inside. Window treatments, such as blinds and frosting, are some of the best ways to keep nosey neighbours out. If finances allow, place windows higher up (so no one can look in) or opt for a tunnel light roof instead.

Insufficient lighting

Bad lighting is another common bathroom mistake. 'Poorly lit bathrooms are not something to be desired, and it's really easy to add more lighting to make the space feel bigger and brighter,' say PlumbNation. 'You could try lighting behind your vanity mirror or lights in your shower to give your new bathroom a more luxurious feel.'

Windowless bathrooms have the tendency to make us feel boxed in, but these can be quickly cheered up with bright lights, softer hues and air-purifying plants, such as the Snake Plant.

Poor layouts

Poor layouts are also among the most common mistakes, with many households picking fixtures and fittings which are too big for the space. As you begin to plan, design with your available space in mind. For example, it could be better to have a space-saving shower rather than a giant free-standing bath.

'It is best to prioritise practicality over beautiful fixtures and features, no matter how tempting they may be!' add PlumbNation.

green is the theme in this beautiful bathroom with brass faucets and fixtures

Not double checking orders

Make sure you are organised when your items are delivered, especially if hiring a plumber. When items arrive, check through them throughly in case anything is missing. Not only will this speed up the fitting process, but it will make the day run smoothly as possible — and get your dream bathroom built quicker!

Not speaking to experts

'When planning a new bathroom it's always important to speak to some experts, whether you want to discuss certain features and products, delivery times or logistics,' explain PlumbNation. 'Being prepared for all the stages of installing your new bathroom is a great way to help avoid any mistakes that can be made.'

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